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Steve Johnson


      I'm Steve Johnson, I am around 50 years old (!) and I spend my days planning the production for a local engineering company.

      By night, however, I take an interest in all things computing, having gained diplomas in Information Technology both locally and nationally, and have attained my BSc (Open) degree, based on mathematics, science & computing.  I also find photographs of the past fascinating.  This does not necessarily mean going back 70 or 80 years - think how your local town has changed over the past 20 years.

      My interest in digital restoration & renovation of old photographs came from looking through the albums of photographs left by my parents - unfortunately this was when I realised that most of the subjects were (and would always remain) unknown to me. Close study of these prints led me to thinking about these, not just as pictures, but as a privileged window on those people at the time the photos were taken.  When someone has taken the trouble to don their 'best bib and tucker' and had spent what, in those days, would have been a sizeable sum of money hiring a photographer then it is a nice to repay their efforts by returning the images to their former glory.  The result can be not only a picture worth displaying but also a focal point for family conversations and reminiscences.  Family likenesses can be seen and maybe an article in the background can be identified as an existing heirloom.

      I have also done occasional work for a local history expert, restoring streets, buildings and local industry to their former glory (only as images, I hasten to add!). When restoring images I like to use the best medium for the job - for example, delicate sepia portraits of ladies are generally best displayed on a matte or satin paper, whilst detailed monochrome prints really come to life with a high gloss finish.  Check out the Samples page to see what Digital Memories online could do for you.


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