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DigitalMemories online - preserving the images of the past


Original scanned photo

Do you remember your grandparents?

Your great grandparents?

How about your great great grandparents?


Probably the only knowledge of your ancestors has been

gained by word of mouth, and by looking at old family

photographs. Usually these photographs have become

victims of time - creased, torn, faded, attacked by mildew,

with water stains (or worse!) hiding the important parts

Fully restored photo


Of course, back in the early 1900s it was a grand occasion having your photo taken - best clothes, tidy hair, perhaps even taking a bath!  And usually trying to look as if it were a most unenjoyable experience! Don't we owe it to these people to keep their memories alive, to restore these images to their former glory and to own a picture worthy of hanging on the wall?

We should not only remember images of the people of old, though.  What about that favourite pet?  Or a place which evokes happy memories but which has long since been turned into yet another supermarket?

Through Digital Memories online the past comes alive again.  By scanning and digitally retouching your black & white or sepia photographs (the original photo is not altered in any way*) then printing to high quality professional paper in either monochrome or sepia we can once again view the past as it was meant to be seen.

*  Please note that whilst every care is taken with photographs in my possession,

items in transit are unfortunately beyond my control.


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